Trier Plan c. 1st Century


Map Code: Ax00960

The Roman city of Augusta Treverorum, now the German city of Trier, traces its origins back to the Celtic-Germanic Treveri tribe. It became an important regional hub of the Roman Empire following the construction of a military road between Cologne and Lyon in 39 BCE. Its location on the River Moselle allowed trade to flourish and its role as a Roman military outpost soon evolved into an important position as the administrative centre of three Roman provinces in Germany and northern Gaul. The economic prosperity of the city is evident in the remains of its impressive architecture. Augusta Treverorum had a large forum, signifying its importance as a regional centre of trade, a sizeable circus, baths, temples and an amphitheatre, as well as double granaries to supply its large population. The bridge was vital to the city as a main river crossing on the military road but features such as the city wall and double church were later additions.

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