Teaching Resources

Our latest service for subscribers only is a series of detailed articles, liberally illustrated with maps, which can be used as teaching aids. They will allow students to explore specific subjects in some depth and can be downloaded as pdfs (see bottom of page for pdf download) and printed out in hard copy as handouts.

The Rise of the Nazis

Average read time 10 minutes Following the armistice on 11 November 1918, 32 representatives of 32 countries convened at Versailles in 1919 to draw up a peace settlement after World War I. In... Read More

Irish Independence and the Troubles

Average read time 10 minutes The 1801 Act of Union was a legislative agreement united Great Britain with Ireland, creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. It was enacted at a time... Read More

Slavery in the United States

Average read 15 minutes Although the trans-Atlantic trade was perhaps the dominant element in the slave trade worldwide, slavery was widely practised internally within Africa, and the Ottoman Empire... Read More

The Thirty Years’ War 1640–48

Average read 5 minutes This cataclysmic war, fought mainly in Central Europe, led to some eight million deaths, and caused widespread devastation and displacement. Its origins lie in the Holy Roman... Read More

Roman Britain 55 BCE–410 CE

Average read time 10 minutes Julius Caesar invaded Britain (Britannia) in 55 BCE (and again the following year) where he received tribute and subdued the Trinovantes. After this, he returned to his... Read More

The Celts

Average read time 10 minutes The Celts, named Keltoi (barbarians) by the Greeks, were a cultural group that occupied much of Europe north of the Alps, and eventually spread as far as Portugal in... Read More

The Russian Revolution 1917–21

Average read 5 minutes The events in Petrograd in 1917 that launched the Russian Revolution had the benefit of a full-dress rehearsal. In 1905, a series of famines and military humiliation in the... Read More

Anglo Saxon England c. 410–1066

Average read 15 mins By 410 CE, the Roman Empire had begun to crumble and Britain, at its periphery, began to come under increased threat from marauding tribes. Troops and money could not be spared... Read More

The Hundred Years’ War 1337–1453

Average read 10 mins The Plantagenet king of England, Edward III, held a claim to the French throne after the death of his uncle Charles IV, the Capetian king of France, in 1328. He was opposed by... Read More