The Assyrian Empire c. 824 BCE


Map Code: Ax01089

In 824 BCE, the long reigning emperor, Shalmaneser III, died. His reign of 35 years consisted of constant military campaigns, with Shalmeneser III determined to expand his kingdom’s frontiers. Although he successfully conquered Babylonia and expanded his empire to the borders of the Taurus Mountains and received tribute from the wealthy cities of Tyre and Sidon, he found the Syrians hard to subdue. After a bloody war, he successfully entered Damascus and forced the king to pay tribute to him. Upon his death, the empire became embroiled in a civil war, with his two sons fighting for control. His elected heir, King Shamshi Adad V (824–811 BCE), finally triumphed. Expansion of the empire ceased until the reign of Tiglath Pileser III in 745 BCE.

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