Campaigns of Darius 492–490 BCE


Map Code: Ax00481

The first Persian invasion of Greece ended with a decisive Greek victory. The invasion was ordered by Darius I in retaliation for the support given by Athens and Eretria to the Ionian cities during their Revolt. The first campaign was directed at Thrace and Macedonia, which became a client kingdom. The campaign was temporarily halted when the Persian fleet was destroyed by a storm. Darius demanded the submission of all of Greece, but Athens and Sparta refused. In the second campaign, which started in 490 BCE, the Persians captured Naxos and annexed the Cycladic Islands, then besieged and annihilated Eretria, enslaving its citizens. When the Persians landed at Marathon, on the way to Athens, the Athenians – though outnumbered – won a famous victory. The Persian army returned to Asia to regroup and plan their revenge on Athens and Sparta.

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