The World 2000


Map Code: Ax00959

By 2000, the former European colonies were independent, with Africa comprised of 54 sovereign states. With boundaries created predominantly by the Europeans, there were border tensions between many African countries. In 2000, there was war in the Congo and Eritrea-Ethiopia. Much of Africa was also blighted by poverty and famine. In the same year, market based economic reforms made India, once a British possession, one of the fastest growing economies of the 90s. Brazil, once a Portuguese possession, was also becoming a world player. China was poised to become an economic giant, but was still fighting corruption and coping with a population that neared 1.3 billion. The USSR had broken up, its republics and satellite states now independent. Much of Europe was part of a political and economic union, the EU. The US, China and the Russian Federation were all ‘super powers’, possessing formidable military strength.

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