The Travels of Emperor Hadrian 121–132 CE


Map Code: Ax00822

Hadrian’s extensive travels were to review the administration of his vast empire and to consolidate his imperial authority. Between 122–125, after strengthening the Upper Rhine/Upper Danube area, Emperor Hadrian and his legions visited Britannia, where he constructed Hadrian’s Wall. The fortified wall marked the northern boundary of the Roman Empire. From here, he travelled along the coast of North Africa, overseeing military operations and addressing troops. He travelled through Galatia and Macedonia, returning to Rome in 125. In 128–132, he completed several journeys, travelling again through North Africa, where he addressed troops and constructed the Nymphaeum. He visited Jerusalem in 130, where he rebuilt the city that had been devastated in the first Roman-Jewish war, and also banished the Jews to Syria. Hadrian was a lover of Greek culture and visited Athens where he embellished the city architecturally and completed construction of The Temple of Zeus.

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