Byzantine Empire 1328


Map Code: Ax00622

At the end of the Byzantine civil war of 1321–28, Andronikos III Palaiologos emerged victorious against his grandfather Andronikos II Palaiologos. The civil war started when Andronikos III was exiled after he killed his brother Manuel because of an affair. Andronikos III set up his own government in Adrianople and forced his grandfather to recognize him as co-emperor after he led an army to Constantinople in 1321. Despite intermittent renewed violence a peace treaty was signed in 1325. When the Serbian king pledged allegiance to Andronikos II and the Bulgarian king pledged allegiance to Andronikos III in 1327, the war was reignited. After Andronikos III and his allies won a series of battles, he took Constantinople in 1328 and Andronikos II gave up the throne. The civil war severely weakened the Byzantine Empire and provided its enemies an opportunity to overpower it.

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