Battle of Ad Decimum 533


Map Code: Ax00612

The Battle of Ad Decimum unfolded as the Byzantines advanced towards Carthage during their attempt to reconquer Vandal territory in North Africa. Belisarius led the Byzantine Army against the army of Gelimer, king of the Vandals and Alans. The armies met 10 miles (16 km) south of Carthage as the 15,000 Byzantine troops marched along the road towards the city. Gelimer had 11,000 men in total but planned a flanking move to gain the upper hand. He ordered troops under the command of his brother, Ammatas, to block the road. His nephew, Gibamund, would simultaneously launch a flanking attack which Gelimer and the remainder of his troops would follow. Ammatas and Gibamund’s attacks failed and they were both killed. Although Gelimers’s contingent was doing very well in the battle, upon learning of his brother’s death he became so distraught that he neglected an opportunity to defeat the invaders, and Carthage was ultimately lost.

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