Balkan Peninsula c. 1830


Map Code: Ax00838

In the 1830s the Balkan Peninsula was no longer entirely under Ottoman control as the Ottoman Empire began to lose its grip on its vassal states. This was reflected in the Greek Wars of Independence that, with the help of Russia, the United Kingdom and France, led to the formation of an independent Greece in 1830. In 1829, Wallachia and Moldavia retained Ottoman suzerainty, but were under Russian military rule. Serbia, which had been given suzerainty by the Ottomans after a series of revolutions from 1804–17, was officially acknowledged as tributary state in 1833. While still subordinate to the Ottoman Empire, it was also autonomous and free of hegemonic control. There was a Bosnian uprising between 1831–32. The uprising began with Bosniak landlords (ayans) who were protesting a treaty that granted suzerainty to Serbia, giving them six Bosnian districts. The rebellion was quashed by Ottoman forces on the outskirts of Sarajevo.

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