Zeppelin Raids on London 1915 Night of 31 May–1 June 1915


Map Code: Ax00429

The first Zeppelin raid on London was on 31 May 1915. London had never experienced an aerial assault. The Kaiser had deferred attacking the capital because of his close ties to the Royal family. The hydrogen-fuelled Zeppelins were huge, cigar-shaped planes which travelled at speed and could carry a large quantity of bombs. The LZ38 (Luftschiff Zeppelin 38) was first sighted at Margate at around 21.30. At 23.00, LZ38 dropped 120 bombs on east London and the banking district from 10,000 ft (3,048 m). It turned back to the North Sea at 1.00 on 1 June 1915. The Londoners were completely unprepared for the attack and had no anti-aircraft defences. It created intense anti-German feeling. The L37 was to be part of the raid but had to turn back due to structural damage. Twenty-four civilians were killed.

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