Tyneside Raids April–June 1915


Map Code: Ax00427

The German Zeppelin L9 was returning to its base on 14 April 1914, when it was instructed to raid Tyneside. At 19.00 it reached Tynemouth, travelled northwards and dropped its first bombs around Blyth, disgorging a total of 22 bombs. It turned southwards where it dropped eight bombs on a train near Wallsend. The train was barely damaged but was attacked because all its lights were on, making it a conspicuous target. By 21.00 L9 crossed over South Shields, indiscriminately dropping bombs. There were no fatalities and minor casualties. On 15 June 1915, at around 23.00, the Zeppelin L10 raided Tynemouth, approaching from Blyth, off the coast to the north. This raid was more damaging than the L9 and destroyed several collieries in North Shields and a chemical factory in South Shields. A total of 59 bombs were dropped, 72 people were injured and 16 killed.

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