Treaty of Mersen 870


Map Code: Ax00646

Concluded at Mersen (Meerssen) in Holland in August 870, this was a treaty between Charles the Bald and his half-brother Louis the German, which divided the kingdom of Lotharingia, ruled by their nephew Lothair II, who had died the previous year, between them. The two realms were divided by the valleys of the Meuse and Moselle and the Jura Mountains. While the treaty appeared to create a clear division between the Teutonic and Romance races, it came to an end just nine years later in 879. When Louis II of Italy also died without sons in 875, Charles the Bald quickly installed himself as emperor there. When Louis the German died in 876 his kingdom was divided between his three sons, Carloman (Bavaria), Charles the Fat (Swabia) and Louis the Younger (the rest of East Francia).

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