The Frontier Growth of Colonial and English Populations 1610–1800


Map Code: Ax00564

From 1610–1800 both the English and the colonial populations from Massachusetts to Georgia experienced rapid growth, with the colonial population doubling almost every 25 years in the 1700s. The thirteen colonies were dominated by English-speaking Protestants. While, the New England colonies stayed relatively homogenous, the middle colonies from New York to Pennsylvania expanded to include diverse cultural groups. By 1717 there were early settlements of Germans, seeking religious freedom. There were also waves of northern Europeans, such as Huguenots, Swedes, Dutch and Scottish Highlanders. A further 6 per cent of the middle colonies population were African. The many Native American tribes in the area were added to population numbers if they lived off the reservations. In the southern colonies, Virginia’s population grew the fastest. By 1800, having imported slaves and indentured servants, it had the highest population growth. In 1800 America’s population was catching up with that of England.

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