The End of Latin Greece c. 1350


Map Code: Ax00912

The Fourth Crusade from 1202–04 resulted in the dissolution of the Byzantine Empire and the establishment of a number of so called Crusader States. During this period, which became known as the Francocracy, the various Latin armies from western Europe set up a number of small competing states. These were eventually either enveloped by one another or the ascendant force in the region, the Ottoman Empire. In 1302, the Italian military adventurer Roger de Flor employed the services of a group of Catalan mercenaries to take land in Anatolia from the Ottomans. After originally assisting the Byzantines, he attempted to establish his own state and was killed in 1305. The leaderless mercenaries then went on a spree of destruction around the Mediterranean whilst being targeted by the Byantines and employed by a number of other rival states. Various pockets of Latin influence lasted well into the period of Ottoman dominance in Greece.

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