Race Prevalence in the United States 2000


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The history of the United States has tended to encourage a degree of racial and ethnic clustering. The mass importation of African slave labour still leaves the imprint of the plantations on the demography of the South. The mass deportation of Native Americans from their homelands to reservations is similarly etched upon the West. ‘Birds of a feather’ also flock by choice: there are counties in Hawaii where the racial prevalence is Filipino and Japanese, and most of Alaska remains chiefly Aleut or Eskimo. There are also intraracial prevalences; within the Floridan Hispanic community, Cubans dominate in Miami, Puerto Ricans in Osceola County. In the Midwest Finnish antecedents are in the majority in the Upper Michigan peninsula, Norwegian in the Canadian borders of Wisconsin and North Dakota. A combination of a high birth-rate and immigration has created the fastest growing ethnic community – the Hispanics of the Southwestern border areas.

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