Pushyabhuti, Chalukya and Pallava State Formation c. 550–750


Map Code: Ax00934

After the decline of the Gupta Empire, which had united ancient India and reached its zenith in c. 320-550 CE, the country broke up into several states, ruled by different kings. Between c. 550–750 CE, the Pushyabhuti dynasty ruled much of northwestern India, reaching its apogee under Harsha-Vardhana, the grandson of Pushyabhuti, its original founder. Central and southern India were dominated by the Chalukyas, who consolidated nearly the entire region, after subduing the Pallavas and the Gangas. The Pallavas were, for a brief time, a major power in southern India and fought with the Cholas, who were a Tamil dynasty. The Pandyas were also Tamils and occupied the southern tip of India and the Moriyas (Mauryas) ruled what was later to become modern Sri Lanka.

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