Post-1945 Military Involvement in Politics in Latin America


Map Code: Ax01407

Following the conclusion of World War II, the schism between the US and the Soviet Union, which formed around their contesting political ideologies, consolidated into the Cold War. The struggle between capitalism and communism spread across most of the developing world and in South America in particular Communist political movements and guerrillas were pitched against numerous military dictatorships, which were often financially backed by the US. In the case of Cuba, the Communist revolution led by Fidel Castro succeeded in establishing a long lasting regime that resisted US-backed coup attempts. Across the rest of the continent frequent military coups resulted in numerous repressive military regimes, guilty of extensive human rights abuses largely aimed at left-wing political opponents. The Communist insurgency across Latin America led to collaboration and sharing of intelligence between right-wing military dictatorships, with assistance from the US under Operation Condor (1975), which saw organized political repression and state terror aimed at political activists.

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