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Little is recorded of the early life of Jesus. The New Testament tells the following narrative. Raised in Nazareth, he worked as a carpenter before his baptism, and recognition as the Son of God, at Aenon on the Jordan. His early ministry was at Capernaum beside the Sea of Galilee: here he gathered his disciples. His first miracle was performed at a wedding in Kanah. Twice he expelled demons: at Gergesa and near Tyre. Twice he raises the dead: at Nain and Lazarus at Bethany. Twice he healed the blind at Bethsaida and near Jericho. The culmination of his ministry at Galilee occurred with his feeding of the 5,000 (near Bethsaida) after which he walked on water, and the Transfiguration occurred upon a mountain near Caesarea Philippi. On his journey to Jerusalem, he encountered a Samaritan woman at Sychar. The Mount of Olives would be the scene of both his triumphant entry to the city and his Ascension.

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