Mycenaean Cultural Influence 1600-1100 BCE


Map Code: Ax00469

Mycenaean Greece dominated the Greek mainland, the Aegean Islands and the shores of Asia Minor, amalgamating various peoples into a homogenous culture that had influence that reached, at its furthest extent, to the Levant and Sicily. The Mycenaeans were accomplished sailors, who traded olive oil and ceramic vessels for gold, copper, ivory, alabaster and tin, creating finely-worked jewellery, vessels, weapons and armour. Mycenaean art typically depicts nature, hunting and scenes of warfare, which perhaps point to the warlike nature of this efficient, sophisticated culture. Mycenaean Greece consisted of a number of small kingdoms, each centred on a palace or fortified citadel. Government was centralized and militaristic and it seems probable the Mycenaean influence was spread through military means – such as the legendary attack on Troy recounted by Homer – as well as by trade.

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