Mulberry Harbour B June 1944


Map Code: Ax00496

Mulberry B’s position in the east meant that it was spared the full force of the storm that destroyed Mulberry A. However, this now meant that it also had to accept all American supplies, and by the end of its ten-month lifespan 2.5 million troops had used it to go ashore. Upon arrival at the harbour, large ships would drop anchor in the deeper water in front of the outer bombardons. Smaller ships would be able to move closer to the shore, dropping their cargo at piers which were attached to the sea floor with their main body floating at the surface. Vehicles could then drive along the roadways to the shore. Prior to the construction of the Mulberries, covert data collection missions to the landing beaches provided information about the terrain at each site. As a result, the sites at Arromanches and Omaha beach were determined to be most suitable.

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