Lechfeld 955


Map Code: Ax00649

The Battle of Lechfeld saw Otto I, King of East Francia repel the invading Hungarian army commanded by Horka Bulcsú. Otto moved his troops from the west to intercept the Hungarian army near Augsburg. Two days before the main battle began, the Hungarians attempted to besiege Augsburg itself but were held off by Germans led by Bishop Ulrich. This allowed time for Otto’s forces, which consisted of Bavarians, Franks and Saxons, to group ready for an attack on the Hungarians who were moving west. Otto sent his army to attack the Hungarians in a long, thin formation, with its baggage train quickly being brought up to speed from the rear to protect it from a flanking attack. The German forces maintained disciplined formations in order to maximize their close quarters combat advantage, and enveloped Hungarian flanking attacks. Otto’s forces then pursued and killed most of the retreating Hungarians, including Bulcsú.

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