Jutland 1916, Opening Moves


Map Code: Ax00989

The British were unsure of German naval intentions and were misinformed that Admiral Scheer’s High Seas Fleet was still in port at Wilhemshaven. At 14:20 on 13 May, the British Battle Cruiser Fleet heading east under Admiral Beatty made contact with scouts of the German Scouting Force heading north under Admiral Hipper. Beatty turned his force southeast to pursue the scouts who had turned to link up with their battle cruisers. The 5th Battle Squadron and its heavy contingent of four Queen Elizabeth-class battleships received the signal for the British group to change course late. Beatty’s force was subsequently split, with his battleships some distance behind. Hipper’s battle cruisers then sighted Beatty’s ships at 15:22 and turned to lead them south towards Scheer’s force. This phase of the battle became known as the ‘run south’ and HMS Indefatigable became the first ship to be sunk shortly after 16:00.

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