Jutland 1916, 1836 Scheer’s Battle Turn


Map Code: Ax00985

When confronted with the sight of the full force of the British Grand Fleet, Scheer executed a textbook 180-degree turn and disappeared from the sight of the British into the thick haze of the area of previous engagement. Jellicoe was unsure of the direction the Germans had taken and was wary of pursuing the Germans at first, as he held a firm but incorrect belief that German ships would deploy mines in their wake upon retreat. Many of his ships had seen the German ships conduct a full retreat but did not inform Jellicoe because of strict policies in the chain of command. Instead Jellicoe initially continued on a course due south so that he could fire upon the Germans with full force on his starboard side. For reasons which were unclear, Scheer prepared his fleet to conduct another 180-degree turn which would set them on a course towards the British again.

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