India of the early Vedas 1500–900 BCE


Map Code: Ax00937

The early Vedic period is from 1500–900 BCE. At the beginning of this period, Aryan nomads migrated from Eurasia (possibly the Baltic region) to the northern Indus valley, embracing Udichya, Madhyama-Dish, Vajji, Dakshina-Patha and part of Pratichya. They called this region ’Brahamvarta’ which means ‘land of the gods’. Their religious literature was known as the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. These were originally passed from generation to generation orally, but were eventually written down. The Vedic literature reveals much information about the social, religious, economic and political life during this period. It seems that the Aryans were charioteers who lived in tribes. Each tribe had its own chieftain and were part of a federation governed by a king, who was assisted by a religious advisor and commander in chief. By 900 BCE, the tribes had formed into separate hereditary kingdoms.

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