German Advance: South Ardennes 10–12 May 1940


Map Code: Ax00284

During the morning of 10 May the XIX Panzerkorps, under the command of General Guderian, crossed Luxembourg to reach the Belgian border. Over 300 roads and bridges had been mined by Belgian troops, although the border itself was not adequately defended and the advance was rapid, with Belgian troops ordered to move back and not engage. There was some fighting around Bodange and the Germans cut communications Neufchâteau, Bodange and Martelange to block reinforcements arriving from Neufchâteau. After these skirmishes the Belgians retreated northwards towards Namur. Although the French entered Belgium to support Belgian troops, there was little effective communication between them. On the following day the XIX Panzerkorps reached Bouillon on the Semois River, but failed to establish a defensive line there; it was abandoned at 11 am on 12 May. Later that day the first German elements reached the Meuse, driving the French forces before them.

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