Falklands War 2 April–15 June 1982


Map Code: Ax02004

The Falkland Islands in the southern Atlantic Ocean became a British Crown colony in 1833, and have been designated 2002. a British Overseas Territory since On 2 April 1982 Argentina, believing it had a right to sovereignty, launched an amphibious invasion of the Falkland Islands and took control of the capital, Port Stanley. The British government despatched a large naval taskforce to the islands and set up a war cabinet. On 30 April, British Royal Airforce Vulcan bombers struck radar facilities and the runaway at Port Stanley airport. Meanwhile, the British landed at strategic points on the island, advancing on Port Stanley from the west in a pincer movement. On 27–28 May in Darwin and Goose Green, the western side of the island, 1,000 Argentine soldiers surrendered to 600 British soldiers, who out-fought them. On 8 June, Sir Galahad, a British vessel, was destroyed when landing troops off Fitzroy; it was one of six ships lost. On 11 June the British assaulted Port Stanley, taking the capital two nights later. The Argentines surrendered on 14 June.

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