Central Europe 1810


Map Code: Ax02450

The French Empire continued its expansion in 1810 with the abdication of the king of Holland, Louis Bonaparte. Holland, already a sister republic to France, was absorbed by the French Empire and Amsterdam became its third city. The Grand Duchy of Warsaw, a state created by French Emperor Napoleon I, was a militarily subordinate territory ceded by Prussia to France in 1807 (Treaty of Tilsit). The duchy was comprised of ethnically Polish lands and local republicans and the large Polish community in France saw its creation as the beginning of the restoration of Polish sovereignty. Despite its satellite status under France, there was popular support for Napoleon. In 1809 there was a brief war with Austria which, helped by German colonists settled by Prussia, and French forces, led to victory for the Grand Duchy. This facilitated an expansion of the Duchy into West Galicia. By 1810, the Confederation of the Rhine consisted of 39 sovereign states. However, after Napoleon passed a series of decrees that introduced a prohibition on British goods, and high tariffs on raw materials, the Confederacy began to suffer financially. In 1813, the Confederation collapsed after Napoleon’s Russian defeat.

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