Central Europe 1797


Map Code: Ax02448

After the third partition of Poland, settled on 26 January 1797, Poland disappeared from the map of Europe and its lands were divided between Prussia, the Habsburg Dominions, and the Russian Empire. The numerous small principalities and duchies on the Rhine left bank became French Republic puppet states after their annexation in 1795. The Batavian Republic (conquered by the First French Republic in 1795) was now a sister republic to France, and in the process of drafting a constitution which would lead to the end of the confederacy and the inception of a unitary state (Holland). After a series of sieges by the First French Republic army led by General Napoleon Bonaparte, the Habsburg Austrians began a peace process with the First French Republic which culminated in the Treaties of Leoben and Campo Formio (1797). These were preliminary accords and contained numerous clauses, including the ceding of the Austrian Netherlands to France and the disbanding and division of the ancient Venetian Republic between, whose territories were partitioned between France and Habsburg Austria.

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