Battle of Prairie Grove 7–8 December 1862


Map Code: Ax01594

After the drubbing of Van Dorn at Pea Ridge in March 1862, the Confederacy waited until the following winter before attempting to reassert their authority in Arkansas. Confederate General Hindman moved on a defending Union army led by General James Blunt. With a two to one numerical advantage, Hindman prepared to attack, only to be thrown by the unexpected arrival of 7,000 additional Union troops from Missouri under General Francis Herron, who had force-marched 110 miles (177 km) in three days. Now with the advantage, Herron led the Union assault. This was repulsed, as was an attack from Blunt, but the Confederate counter was also beaten back. The fighting veered to and fro with heavy casualties on both sides until nightfall, while the Confederates remained in command of the high ground. The battle effectively ended in stalemate, but the losses the Confederates sustained made continuing the campaign unfeasible, and they withdrew from northwestern Arkansas.

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