Battle of Naseby 1645


Map Code: Ax01934

Naseby would be the acid test of the product of Oliver Cromwell’s military reforms: the New Model Army. After an increasingly rare success in taking Leicester, King Charles faced the Parliamentarian forces stationed on Naseby Ridge in Northamptonshire on 14 June. Taking the offensive, the outnumbered Royalists drove the Parliamentarian centre back with Lord Astley’s infantry assault; Prince Rupert’s cavalry then charged, and despite flanking fire from Okey’s dragoons (concealed behind hedges) succeeded in splitting Ireton’s troops on the Parliamentary left. As the cavalry galloped through, Ireton and Okey reformed and counterattacked, while Cromwell charged Langdale on the Royalist left flank. Having neutralized Langdale, Cromwell used his cavalry reserves to join the attack on the Royalist centre. Beset from both flanks, the Royalist forces buckled and a rout ensued. This would prove the last significant set-piece battle of the Civil War. Royalist resistance would be mopped up within a year.

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