Battle of Lodz 11–17 November 1914


Map Code: Ax00227

Between 11–17 November 1914, the Russians invaded Silesia. This offensive was spurred by Russian successes against Austria-Hungary in Galicia, and from checking the Germans at the first Battle of Warsaw. Like Tannenberg previously, the German General, von Hindenburg, intercepted Russian communications and launched a bold counterattack. Using superior German rail links, he rapidly transferred the 9th Army northwards, where they smashed into the Russian right flank achieving a comprehensive victory. The remaining Russian army wheeled round to come to the rescue and Hindenburg knew the invasion had been averted. Outnumbered, the attacking German 9th Army under General Mackensen, fought a frantic rearguard action to escape encirclement. This was accomplished so successfully that they even managed to take 12,000 Russian prisoners in the process. Once again, the yawning gap between the mobility, quality of military intelligence and fighting prowess of the Russian and German armies had been graphically exposed.

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