Battle of Glasgow 15 October 1864


Map Code: Ax02032

In mid-October 1864 Confederate forces, under the general command of Major General Sterling Price, advanced on Glasgow, Missouri, where it was rumoured that a large store of Union weapons was held. The attack began at daybreak on 15 October with a shelling of the town from an artillery position on the west side of the Missouri River by General Joseph O Shelby and his men. Union defenders were held down and unable to reach the steamship West Wind, laden with Union stores. Meanwhile, after a two-hour delay, Confederate General John B. Clark Jr’s columns, a total force numbering some 2,000 men, advanced from the south along Boonville Rd. Union soldiers were now outnumbered 2:1 and took up defensive positions to the north of Greggs creek. Driven back to the town and realizing their situation was hopeless, they surrendered at around 1.30 pm. Confederate forces occupied Glasgow, taking Union weapons and horses. They also set fire to the West Wind steamship. Union commanders spoke highly of Shelby and Clark, whom they said were courteous and allowed Union soldiers to retain their individual property.

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