Battle of Agincourt 25 October 1415


Map Code: Ax01474

The Battle of Agincourt is seen as one of England’s greatest military victories and a major conquest of the Hundred Years’ War. Henry V and his weakened, exhausted yet well-trained army of 6,000–9,000 men were on their way to Calais to return home, when they came across a French army of more than 20,000 soldiers. Henry decided to provoke the French into attacking, cleverly bringing the enemy within range of his powerful longbowmen. The disorganized French army became closely packed in the narrow battlefield, with little room to move. The thick mud, extreme weight of armour and rows of stakes further hampered their progress. English archers outperformed their French counterparts, sending powerful volleys of arrows that overwhelmed the soldiers and startled the horses. Those who did make it to English lines were overcome in close combat. Against the odds, the smaller English army easily overcame the French and suffered just 400 casualties, whereas the French lost 5,000 men.

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