Allied Recapture of Burma December 1944-February 1945


Map Code: Ax00364

With the momentum of the war finally swinging in their favour, the Allied forces of the British Empire, US, and China launched a three-front attack on Burma. The push into Burma had to be completed within six months before the start of the next monsoon season. In the south, Indian forces attacked from the sea, securing the various river entrances around Akyab. The northern front was held by the Americans, along with the Chinese who retreated once they advanced further into Burma. The Japanese withdrew to the more suitable defensive position behind the Irrawaddy River as the Allied attack on the central front advanced. British troops ensured that supply lines were maintained and air support was established in support of infantry attacks. The British used fake radio communications to convince the Japanese that they were planning to cross the Irrawaddy at Mandalay, instead moving most of their troops to Pakokku.

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