The West Bank 1967


Map Code: Ax01225

Both Syria and Jordan had been tentative about entering the Six-Day War, but were deceived by Egypt’s President Nasser, who claimed the Israelis were being routed. Israeli forces on the Jordanian border were intended to adopt a defensive position, while the offensive proceeded in Sinai. But the Jordan-held West Bank was very close to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and key air bases. When the Jordanians (under the illusion Israel was on the verge of defeat) began sustained artillery and aerial bombardment, the Israelis counterattacked. Separate assaults quickly isolated and surrounded Jordanian forces in Jenin to the north, and the Old City of Jerusalem (accomplished without significant damage to sacred sites). After these targets were secured, the Israelis surged onwards to take Bethlehem and Hebron in the south, Ramallah, Jericho and then Nablus in the north. At this point, the Jordanite forces retreated across the River Jordan to defend their capital, Amman

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