The Power of Maps

Use the power of maps to explore history



Our annual subscription packages will provide access to our complete archive and are tailored for every type of educational institution


Teaching Resources/ Blogs

Our blogs and teaching resources blend selected maps from our archive with expanded texts to bring clarity Our blog and teaching resources utilize our maps to bring clarity to complex historical stories


Bespoke Maps

We provide a service allowing clients to request maps on demand on any subject matter and we also licence existing maps from our Archive


Easy Access

Our Archive is fully searchable, and can be explored through location, period, and topic categories. Or users can simply use our search bar to browse through our collection of over 3,0000 maps



We have a wide variety of Collections that bring together maps on specific topics, such as Empires, Wars, Civilizations, Religions




How much is a personal subscription?

£65 per year UK; $85.80 per year US. This entitles the user to unlimited downloads.

Why should we opt for a institutional subscription?

These subscriptions allow the entire student body and faculty access to the website, so students can go on their own voyage of discovery

What if I can’t find the map I require?

Drop us a line - we’re happy to search for you or advise, and if we don’t have the map you require we’d be happy to come up with a solution

What is included in a personal subscription?

You will be able to download, watermark free, jpegs of every single one of our 3,000+ maps for a whole year. You will also be able to access our exclusive Teaching Aids, a series of detailed articles, liberally illustrated with maps, which can be used as teaching aids.

Why should I buy a personal subscription?

If you buy a personal subscription you will access unlimited maps, with over 3,000 to choose from. The cost of a personal subscription is equivalent to making one-off purchases of 21 maps.

How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

We send out monthly, and on occasion bi-monthly, newsletters to subscribers. These highlight various aspects of our collection, examine historical anniversaries, introduce subscribers to our latest updates, and from time to time offer subscriber-only discounts. They are an invaluable aid to becoming better acquainted with the Map Archive. Just click Here

If I take out a personal subscription can I use your maps in my classroom?

Yes, you are permitted to print out copies of the maps and use them as teaching aids. However, you are not permitted to forward the downloaded map jpegs to third parties.

Why would I take out a schools subscription if I can use my personal subscription dowlnoads as teaching aids?

A schools or university subscription gives everyone in your institution free access to our website. That means that your entire student body can explore the website, and freely download unlimited maps for projects, presentations, term papers etc.

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