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Map Design Service

We are happy to produce maps on demand, on any subject matter, and have done so for a wide range of clients and functions, including books, magazines, infographics, websites, educational videos, museum information boards. If you require this service, we will liaise closely with you and advise you about the best way in which to utilise the full potential of cartography.

Client: Private customer

Details: A map depicting the Simbirsk Province, on the northern edge of the Central Steppes.

Client: Private customer

Details: A map depicting the Exile of the Pilsudski Brothers to Siberia

Client: Candan Badem

Details: One of three maps produced for 'The Routledge Handbook of the Crimean War' by Candan Badem.

Client: Private customer

Details: A map depicting Operation Dracula, the Allied assault on Rangoon during the latter stages of the Burma Campaign.

Client: English Heritage

Details: An edit of an existing map depicting the territory of the Brigantes as part of their Women in History celebration

Client: Arcturus Publishing

Details: A stylised map set for Arcturus Publishing for an upcoming title: 'Discovering the Animal Kingdom'.

Client: Graham Caldwell - The Armourer Magazine

Details: Detailed map of the German invasion of Greece in 1941 for a magazine article

Client: Nova Lectio Youtube Channel

Details: A map of Cold War Europe drafted for the Nova Lectio YouTube Channel - an Italian history channel.