Our maps can tell a story in a single image, aiding student learning with visual representations of historical events

01Affordable subscriptions for sixth form colleges

We understand that budgets are tight and as such we subsidise primary and secondary education subscriptions with the subscriptions from Universities

Key Stage 5 Unlimited Student & Teacher Access

ONLY £25 +VAT Per Department PCM


Give us a call on 0113 4577 990 to discuss our service in more detail or email us at with your questions.

02An incredibly versatile teaching aid

Our thematic maps will become an incredibly versatile asset in your lessons. Your students will be given unlimited access to the archive, allowing you to encourage their engagement.

  • Print maps for use in handouts
  • Use in presentations
  • Annotate on interactive whiteboards
  • 150 word summary with all maps
  • High resolution map downloads
  • Generous download limits
  • Access to thousands of maps

03About us & our product offering


Roam freely through world history, visiting the frontier of Britain’s colonies in North America, the hard-fought Battle of Trafalgar, the heartland of the Industrial Revolution and the great cities of the Ancient World, all laid out in an easily accessible cartographic format, with concise accompanying texts.

Wide Ranging

Our collection of historical maps covers a range of academic disciplines – from history, politics and international relations to religion, classics and cultural studies. Our guiding principle is to present maps that will provide answers to the fundamental questions – ‘where?’ and ‘when?’ that will stimulate both inquisitive and informed minds.

Operation Barbarossa Operation Barbarossa
The Fifth Crusade, 1217–21 The Fifth Crusade, 1217–21

02Plans for Sixth Form Colleges

We’ve created collections of maps covering every historical & religious topic of learning for Key Stage 5; encompassing the entire scope of the relevant areas in the National Curriculum.

Key Stage 5 Courses and Topics

  • The Age of Crusades
  • The Tudors
  • Industrialisation of Britain
  • Reformation in Europe
  • England in the Middle Ages
  • British Political History
  • Archaeology
  • Ancient History
  • Classical Civilisation
  • Geography
  • Government & Politics
  • History
  • Religious Studies

05A Visual learning aid

Fleming's VAK/VARK model is a visual learning style which over 65% of students are shown to thrive upon. Our maps directly cater to students with visual learning inclinations, alongside supporting your core lesson objectives.

Europe after the Congress of Vienna, 1815 Europe after the Congress of Vienna, 1815
Explore our Archives Screenshot of our Archive Exploration Tool

Academic Subscriptions

Our annotated maps support course-based & individual research and learning.

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