The Treaty Of Versailles 1919

In January 1918 US President Woodrow Wilson looked forward to the prospects of a peace treaty and outlined his Fourteen Points, which included free trade, disarmament, national self-determination,... Read More

The Scramble For Africa 1881–1914

Until the 1830s, the dominant purpose of European colonization in Africa was the slave trade. From 1808–34, the abolition movement progressively eliminated the European slave trade with North... Read More

The Spanish-American War 1898

Described by future US Secretary of State John Hay as a “splendid little war” the Spanish-American War ended Spain’s history as an imperial power in the western hemisphere, leaving it with... Read More

The Trail Of Tears 1831-42

From the turn of the 19th century, land-hungry American settlers were driving westwards, into territory that would become Alabama and Mississippi. Native American peoples already living in this... Read More

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