Slavery in the United States

Average read 15 minutes Although the trans-Atlantic trade was perhaps the dominant element in the slave trade worldwide, slavery was widely practised internally within Africa, and the Ottoman Empire... Read More

Abolition of Slavery 1777–1865

At the start of the War of Independence (1776–83), slavery was legal throughout the thirteen colonies. In its aftermath, however, the northern states introduced legislation for abolition: in some... Read More

West Indies Slave Revolts 1791–1848

Slave revolts in Central America and the Caribbean were frequent. In Haiti a major revolt in 1791 continued until the French banned slavery in 1794. Its leader, former slave Toussaint Louverture,... Read More

South Africa 1798–1857

The Cape switched between Dutch and British hands during the Napoleonic Wars until 1815, when British occupation was confirmed by the Congress of Vienna. The already pronounced unruliness and... Read More

The United States 1830

By the Missouri Compromise, Maine’s admission as a 'free' state (1820) was yoked to Missouri’s admission the following year as a 'slavery' state. Northern representatives bitterly opposed the... Read More

The Farming Frontier 1860–90

Antebellum southern Democrats opposed measures promoting individual land-holding in the West, since such settlers would tend to oppose slavery. Once war began, the unshackled Republicans introduced... Read More

Romanization of Gaul 58–51 BCE

Tacitus describes how his father-in-law, the Roman general Agricola, ‘assisted communities to build temples, fora, and homes by praising those who were forward and rebuking those who were inactive.... Read More

The United States 1860

Even as the Union began to realize its ‘manifest destiny’ of dominion ‘from sea to shining sea’, internal contradictions began to threaten disintegration. The Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)... Read More

Kidnappings and Renditions 1824–54

Under the Fugitive Slaves Acts (1793 and 1850), gangs, known as ‘black-birders’ received generous rewards for extraditing suspected fugitive slaves to their ‘owners’ in the South... Read More

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